Week 2

Mixed Media Portrait (week 1)

Today I began our first project of the semester. This week and the next two weeks will be spent completing this project. Don't feel like you have to follow my demonstrations exactly. My hope is that my demonstrations will spark some ideas and suggest possibilities that will be helpful or interesting to you.

First I found an a photograph of someone I wanted to paint. I knew I would be using newspaper as part of my background collage and for some reason that got me thinking about musicians I like. This is a picture of G Love. On drawing paper I traced around the board I chose to paint on and came up with two quick drawings based on the photograph. I decided to go with the close-up version. 

In class I transferred the drawing onto the piece of birch plywood with carbon paper. Transfer paper would work just as well. 

Then I transferred the same drawing to a picture I had printed of beat up metal then cut the background shape out. I glued the background shape onto the wood first though it might have been smarter to wait until I had added collage to the rest of the image.  

After I had the background glued in I tore up and glued down a piece of newspaper and a picture I had of a rusty metal thing. I used the lines from my transferred drawing as a general guide for placement of the collage pieces so the newspaper was mainly in the skin areas and the rusty metal picture was in the clothing area. Not much forethought went into it. At this stage I just want you to focus on the basic shapes of your composition and playing with interesting collage elements. 

In the next two weeks we will focus more on making it look like a person.