Week 3

Week 3 :

Wednesday, September 12

We will continue working on our landscape painting from the previous two classes. I will demonstrate painting details like the clouds. Make sure you bring the painting with you to class.

  • The last demonstration in the "unplanned approach to painting landscape" project. (I'll post the video tomorrow or Friday.)
  • I demonstrated painting clouds. Soft edges require painting wet into wet. So for acrylic you will need to have both highlight and shadow cloud color AND your sky color so you can soften the edges of the clouds.
  • Remember to vote "Yes" for Prop 30 if you want Emeritus to recieve more funding from the state.
  • If you are interested in building a portfolio website, send me an email. I am available at an hourly rate.
  • NEXT WEEK: We will be starting a new project using ink and acylic or oil paint. Bring ink (any color or kind), watercolor or print-making paper, brush for ink and your usual painting supplies. If you want to paint with oil you will also need to bring some acrylic matte medium to seal the paper before you paint.

September 12 class demonstration: Landscape (Part 3)