Week 3

I asked you to come today having decided on a basic composition for your first painting. I showed you four thumbnails that I cam developed based on the different scraps of imagery I brought with me last week. It is always a good idea to come up with more than one idea or composition.  

I have been trying to introduce you to many different ways of answering the questions "what should I paint". The biggest hurdle is to make the jump from an idea in your head to something in the real world that somehow embodies that idea. Even though I have shown you many options, you certainly don't expect you to do all that I have demonstrated. Your process might be as simple as having a photograph that you want to paint from. There is nothing wrong with a simple approach. What I want most is for you to work with subject matter that you care about - that has more significance to you than painting something because someone else painted it. As long as you start with something you care about and find a way to make something with it, I am happy.  

NEXT WEEK I want you to come to class having reproduced the composition of your best thumbnail on the surface you are going to paint on. You can grid it, project it, transfer draw it or free hand draw it. Next week we will start painting.