Week 3

Today we began our box project. In my demonstration I began by showing you some images of Joseph Cornell boxes. You can see some images of his work HERE. There are many other artists who have created similar work using boxes and found objects. The reason I wanted to show you Joseph Cornell in particular is that his work doesn't seem (to me) to always have a recognizable narrative or obvious symbolism attached to included objects. Much of the images and objects he chooses invoke and suggest a feeling rather than illustrate and represent something literally. 

As you put together your box I want you to consider allowing yourself some freedom to include elements that have no reason to be there other than they feel right. Give intuition some authority in your decision making. It doesn't need to make sense.

I have chosen to make my box for my sister in law. When I am done I plan on giving this to her, but you may choose to just make it for the person but keep the end result for yourself. Either way it is important to have someone specific in mind to help give structure to your ideas. 

I had you all create thumbnails of generally what you plan to do with the box. Just like any other creative activity it will be important to work general to specific. First consider generally what the four surfaces will contain and how they will relate to each other. Once you have that general overview you can then start filling in the specifics of images and materials. 

Once you had your thumbnails completed I demonstrated how you to gesso the box. There is nothing complicated about applying gesso. Mostly I just wanted to make the point that you could choose to leave some or all of the surface without gesso. If you want to incorporate the wood color and texture you can use matte medium to seal the wood to make easier to paint and collage on. I covered part of the front of my box with gesso and left some without. I recommend painting three coats of gesso and then sanding if you want a smooth and opaque white surface. 

Next week I will be demonstrating photo-transfer and collage. Look at the videos below for a demonstration of photo transfer. In the video I will tell you what you need to bring to class to do a transfer.