Week 4

Week 4 :

Wednesday, September 19

Demo: Mixing ink and acrylic.

  • I did a demonstration of painting portraits using ink and acrylic together. Alone ink has a wide range of distinctive marks that it can make. I like how dense and deep blacks are with ink. You can also add water for more transparency. It can be painted with a brush, applied with a pen or scraped on with a stick. Soft edges, hard edges - a lot of possibility. The addition of acrlyic gives you the ability to add opaque layers , collage, glazes, impasto, color etc.
  • NEXT WEEK: I will be demoing another atypical approach to painting a quick portrait. We will use bottles to draw paint onto our canvas then spread it around with a brush. I will bring tha paint and bottles. You bring your usual painting supplies including a new surface to work on.