Week 5

Week 5 :

Wednesday, September 26

Demo: Applying paint with a catsup bottle. Come with all your usual painting supplies and a new surface to paint on. I will bring the bottles and some thin acrylic paint.

  • Today I did a demonstration using a small bottle filled with acrlyic paint as a "drawing" implement.
  • Using the bottle you can get really nice gestural lines and while the paint is still wet you can also manipulate it in all the usual ways you can with acrylic paint. Use a brush to spread the paint around, put water on it to thin it out and make it run or dab on it with a paper towl for texture.
  • I got the supplies for this demonstration from Nova Color Artists's Acrlyic paints. See below for a map and contact info. It's a great store with the best prices I've seen for artists acrylic paints.

5894 Blackwelder Street, Culver City, CA 90232                                       www. novacolorpaint.com


Friedrich Kunath at Blum and Poe gallery in Culver City. Go see this exhibit!