Week 5

Today we started our second project. In my demonstration I used a reference photograph of a landscape. I demonstrated several different kinds of water-soluble drawing implements. My drawing was only loosely related to the photograph. I purposefully exaggerated the height of the mountain and chose to include more sky and less ground than was in the photograph. Finally I talked about experimenting with different kinds of patter in the various shapes in my composition, trying to add a lot of variety to each pattern. In the mountains for example I did a pattern of circles - big, little, overlapped, spaced etc. In the sky I did a pattern of vertical lines. 

One of the motivations for starting a painting this way is because it contradicts what I usually tell you to do! I usually recommend that you draw on your canvas as little as possible because the graphite or charcoal that you draw on the canvas will mix in with your paint and affect the color. Usually this is undesirable. My purpose if purposefully contradicting myself is to suggest that it is often a good way to push ourselves in a new direction when we push against assumptions or rules we have heard or have created for ourself about how we make art. 

Next week I will continue to develop this landscape painting with matte medium and acrylic paint. If you want to follow along bring acrylic matte medium and your usual oil or acrylic painting supplies.

In two weeks I am going to take a photocopy of this drawing from the first week and do a photo-trasfer on top of the layer of paint I add next week. So if you want to follow along in that demo you will need to make a photocopy of your drawing from this week - making sure the photocopy is mirror-imaged. If you don't know what that means you can watch my video demonstration on photo-transfer below.