Week 5

Today we began a new three-week project. In this first demonstration I used four different acrylic mediums: Novaplex 235 (most watery), Novaplex 233 (watery), light weight texture past (thick and opaque) and Nova Gel medium (thick and transparent).  

For my demonstration I am going to develop an abstract image but the techniques I demonstrated are just as applicable to making representational images. I focused on showing you a variety of uses for these different mediums. With the really watery medium you can get some nice watercolor type effects by applying medium to the painting surface before or after applying fluid acrylics.

I used airbrush paints which is very watery acrylic paint used in airbrushes, I also used Golden brand fluid acrylic and more some more typical tube acrylics. Using different combinations of paint and medium you can get a really wide variety of marks, textures and transparent layers. 

NEXT WEEK: I will continue working on the same abstract painting. I will be using mostly the same materials I used for todays demonstration. So bring the painting you started today and your usual painting supplies.