Week 5

Today was our final class. In my demonstration I showed you how to use glazes to make the surface texture we created with transparent Acrylic gel more visible.

I added some matte medium to black paint and painted over areas that I wanted the texture to pop out more. Then I wiped off the excess paint with a paper towel. Wiping the surface leaves the dark glaze in the valleys of the texture while removing it from the peaks of the texture.

In effect it puts a shadow on the texture that makes it more visible. I also used some transparent white paint (zinc white) and very lightly painted the background next to the shadow side of the face. By painting very gently the paint only made contact with the high points of the texture and left everything else dark. 

There are many ways to could approach this but the basic idea is that we are using a little bit of color to the peaks or valleys of the transparent surface texture. In this way we make it more visible. When using acrylic be careful not to add too much color to the paint. It is better to add too little and then do multiple layers so you change the painting more than you want. 

A consistent surface texture across the whole painting is yet another way we can visually unit the pieces of a mixed media painting. It is also a good way to add more visual interest and emphasize areas of the composition that might not be strong enough. 

Excellent work all around. I was very happy with all your paintings. I wasn't paying attention and didn't get pictures of most of your paintings before everyone left but I did manage to catch a few of you. 

Thanks again for trying something new with me. I hope you enjoyed the process as much as I did.