Week 6

Today was the second class spent on this project. In my demo I showed you a few different ways to approach incorporating the drawing you made last week into our first layer of paint.

First I addressed the sky which I had broken up with a pattern of thick and thin vertical lines. I wanted to keep the pattern of lines but I didn't want the sky to stand out too much - meaning I needed to keep it low contrast. I mixed up several different variations of blue. They were all similar enough that would't create much contrast next to each other. Then I filled in each line in the sky with a different variation of blue. In this case I also didn't want the black charcoal line to mix in with my paint and I didn't want it to be visible. So I applied the blue paint in a single thick stroke. If you agitate the charcoal with your brush it will start mixing with your paint - so one thick stroke to keep the charcoal from mixing with the blue. 

Next I used matte medium in the clouds. At the bottom of the clouds I scumbled by brush with matte medium over the charcoal to let it mix in and turn my matte medium a transparent black. The lines were blurred and I ended up with a soft brushy texture. I wiped some of the black out with a paper towel while the paint was still wet. At the top of the cloud I very carefully applied a thick layer of matte medium to keep the drawing from blurring or mixing in with the matte medium. At first the thick matte medium looked white and opaque but it dried clear and without much thickness. So using matte medium you can seal the drawing and keep it from mixing in with subsequent layers or you can purposefully let it blur and mix in with the matte medium to essentially become paint. Of course you can do a combination of both approaches. 

Finally I painted in the circle pattern on the mountain. First I went over each circle with a black acrylic paint pen (see below) - not a Sharpie! Then I used variations of dark purple to fill in each circle - similar to the kinds of variations I did in the sky. In the mountain however I let the charcoal mix in with the purple to knock down the saturation a bit - made it a little duller. 

This week I will finish blocking in some of the other areas with some more color using these basic techniques of incorporating the original charcoal drawing.

Next week I will add a third layer using photo-transfer. Remember I photocopied my original drawing before I started painting today and I am going to transfer parts of that original drawing back on top of the layer of paint I added today. My hope is to get an interesting layering of drawing and painting. Come prepared with your own photocopy if you want to participate next week. Read last weeks summary for more explanation on what kind of photocopy you need to get - it matters! You could also just photocopy interesting textures or patterns to layer onto todays painting. It doesn't have to be a photocopy of your original drawing.