Week 7

Today was the last class for this project. I demonstrated how you can use tracing paper to lift parts of your composition and then, using the same tracing paper, copy information from an entirely different source to work around the parts of your composition.

For mine I traced some of the shapes I had in the middle of my painting, then I took that tracing and put it on top of an advertisement for makeup that had a pattern of bottles. I traced the bottles around and under the parts I traced from my painting. Then I used red transfer paper to transfer the traced design back onto my painting. Finally I used acrylic paint to paint over the lines, experimenting with color and line quality to emphasize the area I wanted to be the focal point. 

This explanation makes it sound a little more complex than it was so hopefully you remember the demo. 

NEXT WEEK: I will provide anything you will need to follow along with my demo. Come prepared with the usual supplies to start a new painting including a new surface to paint on.