Week 8

Week 8 :

Wednesday, October 17

I would like to continue working on the paintings we started last week for one more week. Try to complete two paintings based on the same landscape or portrait that you started working from last week.

  • Today I demonstrated how you can use transparencies to "non-destructively" make adjustments to your painting. You can get value gradations, tints of flat color, images etc. photocopied on to a transparency and put one or more transparencies to see how the painting would change with that addition. You can experiement with many different changes without worrying about messing up your painting. Below I will post some simple sheets you can get printed onto transparecies to start with.
  • You can also paint or draw directly on the transparency as it sits on top of your painting. Knowing you are not going to mess up your painting will often free you up to take risks and try things you wouldn't try normally.
  • WINTER WORKSHOPS: I will be offering three workshops during the winter term (Emeritus will be closed for the winter term). My workshops will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9AM - noon. It will cost $25 per workshop, so $125 total. For an additional $5 you can stay for another 3 hours of un-instructed work time. Email me if you are interested: trentreynoldssmc@gmail.com

You can have the following images printed directly on to transparencies, print them yourself and have them photocopied on to transparencies, or you can also buy transparencies and print on them yourself. 

Red Glaze Solid (Download HERE)

Green Glaze Solid (Download HERE)

Blue Glaze Solid (Download HERE)

Yellow Glaze Solid (Download HERE)

Small Radial Gradient (Download HERE)

Large Radial Gradient (Download HERE)

Linear Gradient (Download HERE)

I mentioned Franz Klein in class today. Here are some images of his work.