Week 8

This week we started a new project. In my demonstrations I am painting a portrait but the techniques I am using are applicable to any subject matter.

In the demonstration this week I showed a "subtractive" painting technique. Usually when we paint it is a process of adding more and more paint to the canvas. With subtractive painting we put a dark value opaque layer of paint on the canvas and wipe away (subtract) the paint to create highlights from the white of the canvas. 

When I have demonstrated this technique in the past I used oil paint because it you need time to do the subtracting and normal acrylic paint won't stay wet that long. In my demo today I added Golden "Open Medium" to my burnt umber and mixed it really well. The open medium is formulated to stay wet for longer. Before I applied the paint to my canvas I applied a thin layer of acrylic "retarding medium" and wiped off any excess. Then I applied a thick layer of my Burnt Umber mixture to my canvas using a palette knife. Using paper towels and brushes I wiped off varying amounts of the Burnt Umber to create highlights.  

Next week we do not have class because of Spring Break but the following week we will continue developing this image so make sure to bring it with you to class along with your usual painting supplies.