Week 9

This was the second week on this project. In my demonstration I looked through a magazine to find pictures that interested me and I wanted to plug into the basic composition I stole from the Cezanne painting last week.  

I ended up choosing a photograph of Bob Ross who had a TV show about painting in the 80's and 90's (I'm sure there are still re-runs). I decided to paint Bob into the shapes of one of the original card players and then I turned the rest of the shapes in the composition into a landscape similar to what you would see in a Bob Ross painting.  

The point of this project was to demonstrate that there are many ways that we can learn from other artists. We can attempt to copy someone else's painting exactly, trying to learn how they were able to construct their paintings, but we can also copy more general aspects of a painting like basic shapes and composition and apply our own imagery to it. This can help us learn how other artists used composition to make compelling image and it can be a way to help us break out of default ways of putting together our own compositions. We can use it as point of departure that we would not arrive at on our own.  

With all of this I also wanted to point out that stealing is not always bad and artists have been copying each other forever. I showed some examples of Van Gogh copying Millet's painting almost exactly - there a many other examples of famous artists copying. It is not good to lie about it and claim something is not a copy when it is, but it can be yet another way for us to learn and push our artwork forward.  

As a class we decided two weeks was enough for this project, so we will be moving on to something new next week.  

NEXT WEEK: I am going to bring in a photograph we will all work from for the next project. We have done this in the past but it has been a while. I think it is a good way to learn from each other as we all attempt to solve the same problems in different ways. It will be a portrait of some kind.