Week 1

Today in class I demonstrated a basic approach to painting a simple still life: 1. draw in basic composition 2. fill each each compositional element with a single color and 3. refine each element gradually. 

This was meant as an exercise and we won't be continuing these paintings next class. I mostly wanted to start out the semester by reinforcing a basic principle - general to specific. We start by addressing big areas, big relationships that span the whole composition and gradually refine until the very last thing we do is add the fun details.   

I will continue to repeat this notion throughout the semester because I really do think it is important and a big sticking point for all artists but especially beginners.  

Great work today everyone. I was impressed with the level of skill shown and look forward to watching you all improve.  

NEXT WEEK: I will provide a full-page photograph for you to work from. In class today we decided that the image will be a landscape: water, trees, mountains and some rocks. Please come ready with all your supplies and a fresh surface to paint on. If you have any questions about materials please feel free to email me: trentreynoldssmc@gmail.com

Possibilities for our first project:  

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