Week 1

Today we focused primarily on paint application and blending. With acrylic blending can be very difficult. Usually the problems you are having with blending will be rooted in not having enough paint on  your canvas to work with. You need enough paint to cover the surface area you are painting on but you also need a little extra to help keep the paint wet long enough for you to be able to pick another color to blend into the first. 

Using matte medium also takes practice. You need enough to adjust the paint consistency to butter but not too much so the paint gets too transparent. Use as little water as possible. I always keep a paper towel close at hand to blot the brush on after I clean my brush with water. 

I gave you an image of simple geometric shapes to work with and asked you to start your painting by mixing 5 distinct values from black to white. 

Overall I think everyone did an excellent job. I was very happy with the work completed today. We will not be working on this painting next week so come prepared with a new surface to paint on and all your supplies. 

I will provide the photo-reference we work from next week but in the future we will vote on which photographs we will paint from. Please bring $10 to help cover the costs of printing photo-reference.