Week 10

In my demonstration this week I noticed that I needed to reshape the waterway a little and some of the walkways weren't quite right. I want to be comfortable with things are a general level before I start refining because once I start getting more detailed I am going to be much more hesitant to make big changes. 

The majority of this demonstration was devoted to talking about basic linear perspective. In this image we are dealing with a single vanishing point - everything is going away from us toward a single point in the distance. If it were two point perspective things would be going away from us in two different directions. So we first identified generally where the vanishing point is, which will also be where eye-level is. The important thing to remember that any horizontal line on a building that is moving away from us will angle down if it is above our eye-level or angle up if it is below our eye level - all pointing toward the vanishing point. A common mistake is to make those receding horizontal lines on the buildings parallel to each other. Each angle will be slightly different deepening on its relation to eye-level.  

Some other things to notice are that all the vertical lines on the building will remain vertical. In my painting I need to fix several of the vertical lines, they got a little angled. Also the apparent width of the windows will narrow as the windows get further away until they will appear to have no width on some of the windows on the distant buildings.  

Again I don't want you to obsess over getting all the perspective lines exact. The only reason I went over these general rules of linear perspective is to help you understand what you are seeing. I want you to focus primarily on reproducing what your eyes see and not worry so much about following the rules of perspective.  

NEXT WEEK: I will be continuing this painting and will demonstrate how to use glazing to make adjustments to hue, value and saturation without compromising details.  

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