Week 10

Download PDF HERE.

We will get into some details next week. 

Today we started a new painting. You all wanted to do a portrait so I chose a simple monochromatic image of a young boy that I found online. I decided to go with monochrome so you could focus just on value. We might eventually add some color variation with glazing but I think "skin tones" are too easy to fuss over and not as important initially as getting value right. 

I decided to take a slightly different approach to blending for this project. As I explained in class I want you to experiment with "blending" between values by mixing discrete steps between one value and another - so you are not actually physically blending the two values wet into wet. Instead you are putting slightly different values in a row to give the appearance of a gradation or transition. 

This approach will hopefully be less stressful as you will not have to race to keep all your paint wet to blend. It will have a different visual quality - it will appear more fuzzy/choppy/textured but that can also be more interesting. 

Next week we will continue working on this image and get more into details. Today we focused just on blocking in big areas and general value relationships.