Week 11

Week 11 :

Friday, November 9

Today I will bring photo-reference to paint from. We will be painting a wave.

  • We started with a burnt umber under-painting. Then I demonstrated blocking in big areas of color. Remember that at this point your big areas of color just need to be close - not perfect. Block in the whole canvas with big areas of general color - no details.
  • Then I demonstrated how to approach softening the background and top edge of the wave. Get all your colors mixed and on a wet paper towel before you begin, so you can work quickly while the paint is still wet.
  • NEXT WEEK: We will continue this painting so make sure you bring it back and bring your photo reference. I have posted the photo below if you would like to download it. Next week we will work more on details and the refining the wave.

(Download HERE.)