Week 11

Today was our second class working on the portrait. I demonstrated one way to approach painting the fine lines in and around the eyes. Rather than trying to paint the really narrow lines with a tiny brush and steady hand, I showed you how to layer the paint so you would start with a big shape and then paint over the majority of that big shape to whittle it down to the fine line. 

This is a different way to think about what you are doing. You can render a line by painting the line or your can render a line by painting the space around the line. If you can get your mind to think of painting as both an additive and a reductive (covering, removing, editing etc.) process, you open up a lot of new ways to solve problems. 

Next week we are going to continue with this painting and I am going to demonstrate how to use this monochromatic painting as a value guide when you add more color. Come prepared with your usual supplies.