Week 12

Today we started a painting of tulips. In my demonstration I showed you some ways to get the soft out-of-focus edges you see in the back of the image. I experimented with several techniques: 1. using a paper towel (or sponge) to pat the paint on the canvas, 2. Wetting the canvas with a little matte medium and the using the paper towel to blend painting into the medium, 3. use a combination of brush and towel for lines 4. scrape into wet paint with a palette knife and then soften with brush or towel. 

I just wanted you to experiment with getting soft edges and shapes. Remember we generally work from dark to light, so it is better to err on the side of being too dark. In this image we need the darker values so the tulips will stand out and look filled with light. 

NEXT WEEK: we will continue developing this painting. I will start blocking in the flowers.