Week 12

Today was our final day working on the portrait. I showed you some examples of artists who used a wide range of colors as "skin tones". I also did a demonstration of how we can use the value painting we have been working on as a guide when adding color.

Tai-Shan Schierenberg

Alice Neel

Malcom Liepke

Since I didn't have a color photograph of the boy to work from I chose a painting in one of the books I brought and used the skin tone colors used in that painting. What is important here is that whatever color you choose to use for the skin you need to match the value of the part of the underpainting you are covering up. You also need to be consistent with the colors you use for skin tone or you might break the illusion of a consistent and continuous light source or context. 

Next week we will start on a new painting. I would like you to bring in an object. Preferably something small-ish and simple. We will be painting from observation and talking about how to make a compelling composition using an ordinary object.