Week 13

Today was our second day working on this painting but will be our last because we all decided that we would like to finish one last painting by the end of the semester and we only have two more classes after this week. So I didn't have enough time to demonstrate painting the final details of this image like the little water droplets or detailed foreground grass. If you would like me to demonstrate this for you next class let me know. 

In todays demo I painted the tulips. Perhaps even more than usual it is important to stay away from the details at first. I started by using my brush to outline the basic shapes of the flowers. Then I blocked in each flower with one highlight color and one shadow color - no definition of pedals or anything. Once I have a simple gradient of light to dark for each flower I started refining each flower shape into the smaller shapes of the pedals. I used the background color to refine the back edge and used a highlight color to separate out the top edges of the front pedals.

For the stem and fuzzy grass area I showed you how I would go back and forth between positive and negative shapes to define that soft grass texture. For example I defined the front flower stem by painting the negative shape color on both sides to carve the stem out from the rest of the background green.


IN TWO WEEKS: we will begin our final painting for the semester so come with a new canvas. You all voted to do a sea scape.  I told you I would post a gallery of options but with the stresses of traveling for Thanksgiving and sick kids I wasn't able to get it done. So I have chosen a seascape for us to paint. Hopefully you will like it! See below. 

This is the image we will be painting for the last two weeks of class. I apologize for not getting more images for you to choose from. Come prepared with a new canvas. I will be demonstrating how to paint with a palette knife. If you have any palette knives and want to follow along make sure to bring them. A variety of sizes is helpful when working with knife.