Week 15

Today we started our last project. I apologize for not posting an image gallery with options for you to vote on - things got a but too busy during the Thanksgiving break. I chose an seascape that I thought you would all like. 

For this last project I thought I would demonstrate how to paint using palette knives. Palette knife is a pretty blunt instrument compared to painting with brushes. It is great for getting a lot of paint on the canvas fast and addressing large areas. So it will force you, to some extent, to paint general to specific like I am always pestering you to do. 

I used a couple different sizes and shapes of knife. As usual this first session with the painting was focused on blocking in big areas of color and value. Texture is unavoidable when working with knife, but texture and detail are not the focus or priority at the start of the painting. With palette knife it is important to learn how to use impasto texture judiciously. Too much texture can be overwhelming and distracting. Used wisely it can add emphasis and focal point to enhance an image. 

NEXT WEEK: is our last class and I will demonstrate how to achieve some details with palette knife (and a little brush).