Week 16

Today was the last day of class. Thank you all for a very thoughtful card and gift. It has been a wonderful semester and as a group I feel like we produced some great work. 

For my final demonstration I worked in some of the details on our palette knife seascape. On the rocks and in the foreground water I used a brush to put some paint down in specific spots and then I went back with the palette knife to push it around and blend. A brush can be more precise and it can make it easier to see how much paint you are applying. Brush and knife are very complimentary tools. 

I also painted the bird in with the knife. You want to make sure the level of detail you develop on the bird fits the rest of the painting. You might be tempted to be very detailed with the bird even though the rest of your painting is very loose and general. The bird should feel like it fits visually in the scene you painted. I started with the shadow color on the body and the blended into the darker color at the end of the wings. The last thing I did was block in a highlight on the head and tail. Just like everything else you need to be consistent with the light logic so it fits with the rest of the scene. 

I thought all our paintings were especially good for this last project so we end on a high note. 

Happy Holidays. I hope to see you Spring Semester!