Week 2

Week 2 :

Friday, September 7

Continue landscape painting

  • We continued work on our seascape from last week by blocking in large areas of value and color. Last week we were playing with intense colors for the underpainting. This week we were focusing on being more accurate to the colors and values in our source image.
  • Remember that value is very important to creating believable illusionistic space. More than "hue" or "saturation" information, value communicates how light interacts with objects in space. At this stage it should be our primary focus to get the big over-all value relationships right.
  • Stay away from detail at this stage. If you commit to details too early it will be much more difficult to see how the big underlying value relationships in your composition are working or not working. We also tend to protect details so they can keep you from making necessary adjustment.
  • No details - especially in the water. We will get to those next week.
  • Make sure you bring you paintings with you next week.