Week 2

This week I gave you a copy of the first image we will be painting as a class. As I mentioned last week, I take more of a step-by-step approach in this class. This makes it easier for you to try and apply what I demonstrate and also helps us learn from each other as we all try to solve the same problems.

I decided to start with this image of a squirrel and a bird because they are both oval-ish shapes which I thought might be a good incremental step from our egg paintings last week. We began by drawing (or tracing from a template) the image onto our canvas and going over the drawing with a painted line so the drawing doesn't wash away as we start to paint. Then we covered the whole canvas with a transparent layer of Burnt Umber. 

Finally we blocked in all the basic shapes of the composition starting with the background gradient. Next week we will continue to refine the painting. The principle we are focusing on here is that we work general to specific - blocking in big shapes and working incrementally smaller until at last we get to details.