Week 2

This week we started on our first project. As requested we will be painting a landscape with trees, water, mountains and some (very small) rocks.  

I began my demonstration by showing you some studies I made of the image using Photoshop. In each case I have simplified the image or obscured the details to help you see the over-all structure of the image. Remember our goal is to work general to specific. I wanted to try and give you some ideas of what those simple structural elements are in this photograph.  

I then transferred the image onto my toned canvas using transfer paper. This is only one of many ways to start. You can free-hand draw or jump right into painting. I demonstrated using transfer paper for those that wanted to get right into painting.  

All I did today was block in large areas of value. I want you to really pay attention to the relationships between areas of value. I chose not to introduce color yet so I could focus on getting value relationships correct. The light in this image is really nice and dramatic, so I want to be sure to get the values right.  

This could use more attention and some of the value relationships are off (front left path should be lighter for example) but it is more or less where I wanted you to be by the end of class today. We will start focusing the camera next week. 

This is the average of all the colors in the image. Starting with a toned canvas gets us closer to an accurate representation from start. 

For this image a single color was chosen that best represents each square of the grid. I thought it might be a useful generalization for you to see. 

Blurring an image (even by blurring your eyes) helps you to see larger shapes and more general relationships because it obscures all the details. This level of detail would be a great start to this painting.  

In this one I added a cross-hatch pattern - another way to obscure detail and help simplify the image into more general shapes and relationships. 

NEXT WEEK: we will continue working on this painting. I will demonstrate how to start refining the image - working incrementally general to specific. I will also talk about mixing color.  

Maker sure you bring your copy of the photograph, the painting you started in class and all your usual painting supplies.