Week 3

Week 3 :

Friday, September 14

Continuation of the seascape from the last two classes. We will further refine the paintings and add start adding some details.

  • Demo: Refining details. I didn't get very detailed in this demo so I will try to make of video of the final little details. I know many of your are interested in the final flourishes. It is important to reiterate though that it is rarely the details that are causing a problem. More often you can see something is wrong and to be able to fix it you need to paint out the details and fix the underlying structure of your image - addressing large (non-detailed) areas.
  • Look below for more information about Prop 30. Educate yourself about it and go vote! Apparently it is a big deal and will directly affect programming at Emeritus starting the Spring semester.
  • We will be starting a new painting next week but you are welcome to continue with this one if you would like. We will begin working on a still life setup.

The following is an email regarding Prop 30 from Ron Furuyama:

Please share this information with your students

Hello Emeritus Faculty,

On Thursday, September 6, 2012, the Santa Monica College Board of Trustees approved a budget of $447.6 million dollars for the 2012-13 fiscal year. The budget contains no funding for the 2013 winter session. This affects winter at Emeritus College as well. We will not be having a 2013 winter session.

The 2013 spring semester is being planned and assumes that Proposition 30, Governor Jerry Brown’s tax initiative will pass. If proposition 30 does not pass, then Santa Monica College will face an additional budget cut of approximately $8 million dollars. This will result in immediate reductions to the 2013 spring semester schedule.

It is important that our Emeritus students understand; if Prop 30 does not pass it will have a significant long-term impact on our ability to offer classes at SMC Emeritus College.

Proposition 38 is another tax initiative for education on the November ballot,. If Proposition 30 and Proposition 38 both pass, the ballot measure with the most number of votes will prevail. Proposition 38 does not provide for funding for the California Community College system. Please encourage your students to study their ballot measures carefully and to exercise their right to vote.

Thank you. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Ron Furuyama
SMC Associate Dean
Emeritus College