Week 4

Today we continued working on our squirrel and bird painting. I had hoped to come to class a little early so I could clean up my background gradient but I didn't get there early enough! My pride was hurt a little and I wasn't able to get the blend as smooth as I wanted so I will have to fix that before next week - I apologize.  

We continued to develop the image but I asked you specifically not to get to detailed today. It's tempting to jump to details too soon. The metaphor I used during our critique at the end of class was that of building a house. Without a foundation there could be no house. We also can not go straight from foundation to hanging pictures on non-existent walls. The same with building an image. We need to build the foundation of the image by blocking in big areas and relationships, then incrementally refine these big shapes (build a house and walls) so we have a structure to "hang" the details on.

If your details seem to sit flat on the surface of the image and generally don't look right, the problem is usually with the underlying structure and not the detail. In that case you have to be willing to get rid of (paint over) the details and fix the foundation.