Week 4

Today was our last day working on the landscape. As I mentioned in class, this is a very complex image. Part of the reason I often give you complex images is because I think one of the most important skills to develop as a visual artist is being able to see past all the surface detail to the big underlying shapes, values and relationships - learning to edit.  

Overall everyone was able to get the big picture fairly well. We will continue to practice this skill as well as how (and when) to refine an image into smaller and smaller detail. Hopefully you were able to start seeing the value of working general to specific. Some things simply aren't possible if you get to the details too soon. 

NEXT WEEK: we will begin working on our next project. I thought a portrait would be a good next painting. See the images below for the options I came up with. Make sure you submit your vote by Wednesday so I have time to print them for everyone. You can vote for your TWO favorite photographs.  

Come prepared with the usual painting supplies and a new surface to paint on.  

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Choose your TWO favorite portraits *
They are numbered left to right, top to bottom. Choose your TWO favorite pictures. I will choose only one to use for the class project and demonstration. Of course you can always print and paint the one you like best.