Week 4

Today was our second day with the painting of the tree. In my demonstration I talked about the importance of the value (dark & light) underpainting we did last class. Using value to create a "light logic" is what is most important in creating the illusion of form and space. We are going to cover most of the underpainting up as we add color but it will be an important guide we can use to match value. It will be fairly easy to see if the color you are painting with is lighter to darker than the value you are painting on top of. Pay close attention to getting values right. 

I started getting the blue gradation of the sky. I used Phthalo greed shade but it ended up being too cool, so Ultramarine and Cerulean Blue would be a better match. If you are interested I have a previous post with more in-depth information about color HERE.

For the tree it is important to maintain the spherical volume of the leaves as we start to add more of the texture of the leaves. I also talked about not going too small too quick. We started with the over-all volume and then we need to break down that big shape up into incrementally smaller divisions - so medium big clumps of leaves, medium clumps THEN individual leaves or leaf texture. With each level of detail keep your light logic in mind. So each big and medium cluster of leaves will have a highlight side and a shadow side too. Highlights and shadows need to be consistent with our light logic. 

The last think I mentioned at the end of class was that the flowers in the scene (like the clouds) will appear smaller and smaller the closer they are to the horizon line. That size variation is another visual cue we give the viewer to imply a recession into 3D space. 

Please bring these paintings with you next week and we will put them up on the wall at the beginning of class. Next week we will also begin a new painting. Look at the image options below and vote on you favorite TWO images BEFORE next Wednesday. I will print everyone a copy of the image that gets the most votes.


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