Week 6

Today I demonstrated painting the fabric of the girls clothing. At first I was only concerned with the large folds and establishing the over-all light logic - basic highlights and shadows. I painting with oil today, so I wasn't as worried about drying time and blending. With acrylic I would have spent more time mixing colors before I started and I would have worked quicker to blend right away.

With oil I tend to put down a lot of paint really loosely making color adjustments as I go along. Once I have things blocked in then I go back with a soft dry brush and start smoothing and blending where needed.  

For my second demonstration I showed you how I would develop on area of the fabric into some of the more detailed folds. The main points here were to keep track of light logic - make sure the highlights and shadows make sense on the small folds, just like they do on the big folds. Also with fabric you need to pay close attention to hard and soft edges. A big gradual fold will have a soft and gradual transition from light to dark as the fabric folds away from the light source. Cast shadows and sharper creases in the fabric with have sharper edges.  

NEXT WEEK: we will continue with more detail on the clothing and I will start painting the face. My demonstrations will be in oil for the remainder of this project.  

The fabric to the right of her face is where I developed more detailed folds and creases.