Week 7

Week 7 :

Friday, October 12

We will continue the lanscape (or portrait) that we began last week. Don't forget to bring it with you to class!

  • I demonstrated in oil paint today. The general priciple of "general to specific" is the same but with oil the approach is slightly different.
  • When painting with oil I put down color very roughly, not really thinking about blending or smoothing out brush texture. I just dump the paint on because I know I have plenty of time to blend later.
  • With oil paint you have many different stages of drying. The more dry the paint becomes the less it moves, so I often with block in paint roughly and let it dry for half an hour or an hour before I use a big, soft dry brush to smooth and blend, letting the paint dry so it doesn't move around too much. With acrylic you have a much much shorter window before the paint dries and you can no longer blend wet into wet.