Week 7

Today in class we started a new painting. I decided to use oil paint for this painting. For the underpainting I used cadmium orange. This is an unusual color to use for an underpainting. Like the more usual Burnt Sienna or Burnt Umber, Cad Orange is a mid value so it gives you a better starting point for establishing value relationships. Unlike those other colors it is a very saturated color, which does make blocking in accurate colors more difficult. I thought it might look good to have that saturated orange coming out in places next to the cool greens and blues of the landscape. I encourage you to try a variety of colors as under paintings. The underpainting color can dramatically effect the feel of a painting. If you don't care to experiment with underpainting stick with the usual Burnt Umber or Sienna. 

Today I just drew in the basic composition and blocked in big areas of color. With oil paint I can put colors down without worrying too much initially about blending. I worked quickly to just get basic colors put in generally the right place and then I went back to adjust colors and blend. 

We will get into more detail next week. Stay away from detail as long as you can!

In our critique of the rose paintings two things that came up were: 1. more VALUE (light/dark) contrast on the vase (gradating to a darker color toward the edges) would make the vase feel more round and three dimensional and 2. be careful to resist the natural tendency to rotate things to face you directly. In this case the rose should be facing more to the viewers left so the center of the rose should be significantly closer to the left side of the flower shape than the right. 


Good oil painting medium.

For cleaning oil paint from brushes. 

Container for Turpenoid and wire coal for cleaning brushes.