Week 8

Week 8 :

Friday, October 19

This will be our final week on this landscape. I will demonstrate painting some of the details.

  • In my demonstration I talked about the importance of maintaining the general value relationships that we have already established. For example the darkest value in the midground is not nearly as dark as the darkest in the foreground. If we start to undermine these foundational value relationships with our more detailed layers, the landscape will start feeling flat.
  • "Atmospheric perspective" refers to the effect moisture in the air has on visual space. Moisture in the air is lit up by the sun and it then reflects that light in a very diffuse (foggy?) way. As a result distant parts of the landscape appear to be lighter in value, less saturated and to have less value contrast (a narrower range of light to dark). We can manipulate these effects to exaggerate visual space.
  • NEXT WEEK: Bring a SINGLE piece of fruit. I would like to return to a simpler composition for our next painting. Also bring a new surface to paint on.