Week 8

Today was our last day working on the landscape painting. In my demonstration I continued developing the image by glazing the sky and mountain with a very transparent layer of Ultramarine Blue. Last class I used Pthalo blue for the sky and mountain so I could get a really saturated light-value blue, but the hue was slightly too cool, so the glaze helped warm the blue up. 

I also added some highlights to the trees. Remember it is generally a good idea to work from dark to light, so last week I blocked in the large area of the trees with the tree shadow color so today when I added the highlight colors they really popped. Finally I started getting to some of the smaller details like branches on the trees and ripples in the water but I found that I wasn't quite ready for detail yet because they started to look to fragmented and sat on the surface of the painting too much, so I wiped out most of the small detail until things started to look three dimensional again. 

I won't get to the details with this painting. Next class we will start on a new painting. For the next painting we will paint a portrait. Rather than take a vote I have decided to choose the image myself but if you have an image you would like me to consider please feel free to email it to me and it might end up being the one I choose.