Week 9

Today we started a new painting. For this project we decided to work with buildings. The image that got the most votes is one of a waterway somewhere in Venice Italy (I think). With buildings and anything architectural it is easy to get caught up in getting the linear perspective exact. I decided to not make any templates and to approach the painting in a very imprecise way to try and get away from this tendency. 

To begin with, as usual, I blocked everything in very generally - big shapes, simple colors and values. I didn't spend a lot of time trying to be very exact in copying the photograph with the idea that I would continually adjust things as I develop the painting. We won't end up with as exact a replica of the photograph as we would if we started with a transfer from a template, but there are some reasons why this might be preferable.  

NEXT WEEK: we will continue with this painting so bring it back and make sure you hold on to the reference photograph. In my next demonstration I will be addressing some very basic linear perspective and start refining some of the details.